Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bible List Sins Punishable By Death How Many Sins In The Bible Are Punishable By Stoning To Death?

How many sins in the bible are punishable by stoning to death? - bible list sins punishable by death

Is there another place that the Bible can I get a complete list?


Frankie said...

Why you are looking at a place other than the Bible in your question to the penalty mentioned in the Bible. Why should a more detailed list, which is the book you mention.

None of these sins are to death by stoning in recent days in the western world, where countries have converted to Christianity may be applied long ago. Old Testament, the punishment should be imposed, because Jesus came to change everything. Some countries still have the Old Testament, teaching, and even have both.

1Cor.14:... said...

no sin to be punished by stoning to death today in the Bible.

glorygir... said...

None of these steps today.

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